Quality Policy

Kelsa Truck Products Ltd design and manufacture light bars and accessories for the trucking industry.  We are committed to the principles of Quality Assurance in order to maintain the highest quality of service to our customers including meeting appropriate statutory and regulatory requirements.

In pursuit of this aim, we have developed a Quality System to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.  This includes setting objectives, along with the creation of a framework to ensure that they are actioned appropriately.

Compliance with the Quality System policies and procedures is mandatory for all personnel since it is only by strict adherence to these controls that consistent standards of product and service can be maintained. 

The company is committed to a philosophy of continual improvement including enhancing the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.  It is in light of this that the Quality System is improved in response to the demands of our customers and by personnel examining their processes in order to identify and initiate improvements where appropriate.

The quality policy principles and objectives will be communicated and available to personnel at all times.

We shall ensure that all our personnel understand and fully implement our Company's policies and objectives and are able to perform their duties effectively through an ongoing training and development program.

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